About us

Allymom is a leading personal loans and alternative investing platform, where individuals lend and invest to fellow Canadians.

Our Story

Allymon is a 100% Canadian, Toronto-based organization that seeks to improve the financial and inestment opportunities for everyday Canadians. 

We aspire to provide individuals with a better borrowing and investing opportunity. We understand that sometimes unexpected expenses may arise, and banks are just not fast enough to deliver. We’re committed to the financial health of our members and strive to improve the Canadian lending market by offering swift, affordable loans.

In Canada, lending to individuals profit only the big guys – large banks and financial institutions. We want to modernize this archaic system and make these investments available to everyday Canadian investors. The loans offered through Allymon offer an attractive yield, have a low correlation to other asset classes, and most importantly they are accessible to everyone – not just the big guys. By utilizing Allymon you contribute to shifting the balance of power from the large financial institutions to individuals, everyday Canadians.

With our investing approach, Allymon be focused on four broad verticals, sports, sustainability, health, and green energy companies. Then underneath those four verticals, I’m looking at it as four-sub verticals that we will be able to delve into. The first is sports performance, so that can be anything like a wearable device or anything that really helps an athlete’s performance. It could be in data analytics, anything involving AI, of course — the buzzword as of now.

The second area is health and medical so really anything on the health technology side involving medical, tech, even biotech. The third area we want to look at is fan engagement so more on the sports side again. It could be in stadium solutions, or TV, media-type solutions, really trying to engage with the next generation of sports fans.

And the fourth area will be wellness and lifestyle. Longevity is a huge play in that sector — anything that can obviously help extend the life but look at different ways to improve the quality of living as you get older. Wellness can also mean mental health. And nutrition is a big one that we’ll be looking at underneath wellness and lifestyle.