One of Canada's leading Peer to Peer Lending, Alternative Investing and Financial Solutions Organization

Allymon leverages and helps creditworthy Canadians looking for a debt solution and debenture with everyday Canadians looking to become investors and provide financial solutions.

Utilizing peer-to-peer for societal good.

Allymon assists Canadians through our platform to achieve financial freedom either through investing, debt solutions or debenture. Our alternative financial technology leverages the traditional lending model and enables us to help you get out of debt faster, and eventually become an investor to help others do the same!


Becoming an Investor

Investors help borrowers obtain affordable loans and eventually become investors themselves. Borrowers help investors achieve a portion of their investment goals within their portfolio. Canadians helping Canadians! 🇨🇦


Financial Assistance Tailored with You in Mind

Historically only financial institutions could profit from lending money. Now with Allymons assistance, you can realize profitability too.


Compliance and Risk Management

Full compliance and transparency with regulations is essential to protect both investors and borrowers to give everyone the peace of mind with their finances.


Backed by an amazing support, knowledge and investment team

We understand and respect our customers’ financial situations and goals. We get a thorough understanding with our KYC documentation. We’re here to help and at your service.

Take control of your financial success

Get started today and achieve your financial goals.